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2 minutes ago • Ken @ Churn Buster
Hi Andrew, Ken from Churn Buster here. Just confirming our call in an hour at 11:45 am. Talk soon!
Great thx. Will talk to you then.
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When time on the phone is money in the bank, don't leave anything to chance.

22% of emails are opened - compared to 98% of Text Messages.
What’s Rodeo?

Rodeo sends SMS reminders for Calendly meetings, dramatically reducing “no-shows” where you show up for a meeting but nobody else does. Rodeo connects with your Calendly, and whenever a phone number is available, a reminder will automatically be sent via text (SMS) before your meetings. Replies can be forwarded back to your phone!

What People are Saying
“Since discovering Rodeo Reminders I spend less time waiting around wondering if a prospect is going to show up for our call.”
Ken Johnson Business Development & Sales - Churn Buster
“Rodeo Reminders has enabled me to book sales calls and convert at 2x my typical rate.”
Franco Varriano Business Development, Partnerships & Growth - Fullscript
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?

No. Rodeo does what it says and says what it means. If it’s not for you, ask for your money back. It’s garn-teed.

What if someone replies to my message?

Replies will go to your Rodeo inbox. Set up Rodeo’s text forwarding feature, and they’ll go to your phone too!


Can I use my own phone number?

Rodeo will supply a phone number for you, as a dedicated line for SMS’ing your appointment reminders.

When will my messages be sent?

Whenever you like, however we recommend 30 minutes before your meeting is a good heads-up.


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